KPO Management, LLC is an Orlando, Florida based company providing legitimate Work-from-Home” style work opportunities. Our business model has been featured on many national news articles such as Fox News, CNN, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, etc.


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Why Work from Home?

As our “used-to-be” simpler life becomes more complicated each day, the time left over for our real life has less:

  • time to spend with children
  • time to spend on your hobbies
  • time to do your house chores
  • time to spend with your partner/spouse
  • etc

And you feel that the recent economic climate does not seem to help your baseline income no matter how hard you work at your day job(s).

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Is It Right For Me?

If you ask, “is your program right for me?”, then let us ask you if you are one or more of these:

  • a stay-at-home mom
  • a college student
  • a retirees
  • a person with disabilities
  • a military spouse who frequently relocates
  • a veteran
  • needing total flexibility with working hours
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